B.Sc, RMT, D.Ac

Ernesto Castillo is a double honors graduate from York University with degrees in both Kinesiology and Psychology. He graduated in 2001 from Sutherland Chan , one of the top prestigious schools in North America for Massage Therapy. Since then Ernesto has become licensed in Medical Acupuncture, Ultrasound and Interferential Current Therapy , Custom Orthotic Therapy , Kinesiotaping and Personal Training.

Through his studies, Ernesto has parted ways from the traditional stereotype that massage is ‘solely for the purpose of stress reduction and promote relaxation ’ to an effective form of rehabilitation and treatment of injuries.

Currently Ernesto specializes in motor vehicle accident injuries and WSIB cases and is associated with 2 of the top personal Injury lawyers in the field for the sole protection of his clients and their files.

In an effort to continue promoting health and wellness, Ernesto has aligned himself with an elite group of healthcare practitioners to open up Toronto Body Mechanic. He is the Clinic Director and owner of this Organization and what he strongly believes is the future of healthcare